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What is GelGems?

GelGems was created in 2001 by Irene and Alfredo Tubert in their home in Argentina. As professional chemist they were working with different materials and they found one special polymer that brings a lot of opportunities to decorate the glass windows and any other nonporous surface.

GelGems is a thermoplastic gel. It is like a rubber, clear, flexible and soft. It is not sticky, but when you applied to a glass surface you realize that GelGems stick to it. You can easily peel GelGems off from the glass surface and re stick it as many times as you wish.

Play, be creative and enjoy it.

GelGems is a fun decoration. It is bright, colorful and clear. We prompt you to play with GelGems creating different designs on your window with your children and friends or just add some touch of color in the corner you choose. Try it and get a lot of fun. You can improve your ambient using any of the existing pieces. And you can change them as many times as you wish. Use your window as a canvas easily and in a clean manner.

The light passing through GelGems create beautiful light effects. Enjoy them.


GelGems is a great way to communicate, making dynamic colorful decorations of your house or office for Christmas, Halloween, parties, birthdays, etc., adding always your personal touch or just giving GelGems as a gift or as a Greeting Card.

How it came?

GelGems came in clear bags or boxes with the gel pieces stuck on them. You can choose from a wide range of different themes and styles. Different size packs containing shaped colorful pieces allows you to make a dynamic decoration for your room, bath and kitchen windows. There are many different style families like flowers, geometrics, stars, love, holidays and much more. We also take care of the design of each product so the shapes and color combination is truly enjoyable.

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